TPT Ball Set

TPT Ball Set


TPT Pak Massage Balls for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, & Muscle Massage Therapy Balls. Self-Assisted Massage Tools for Therapeutic Relief of Fibromyalgia, Plantar Faciitis, & Muscle Tension.

  • 👍 PAIN RELIEF: Highly effective, all-natural dense rubber balls provide a deeper and more even pressure for self-myofascial release of trigger points and muscle tension of chronic muscle pain, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, muscle spasms, and myofascial pain syndrome. Immediately feel pain relief upon application.
  • 👍 HOW-TO-USE: For a Swedish massage experience, simply roll the smooth round ball against the wall, on the floor, or on a flat, sturdy surface. For a chronic or deep tissue experience, position the trigger point ball (nubby ball) directly on top of a trigger point and gently press into the targeted knot for 10-15 seconds against a wall, on the floor, or on a flat, sturdy surface. Gradually release and repeat until the trigger points are relaxed. Use both balls 3x a week for best results.
  • 👍 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Sports Injury and Medical Rehabilitation Specialist endorsed the TPT Pak self-myofascial release system as a highly effective product to promote quicker recovery, prevent further invasive procedures and medication. For massage therapists, provide the best therapeutic experience for your clients with the TPT Pak dual ball set system for Swedish and deep tissue massages.
  • 👍 HOLISTIC APPROACH: All-natural quality and durable non-toxic balls for a holistic health and wellness approach. Pet friendly.
  • 👍 CONVENIENT & EASY TO CARRY: Smaller than a tennis ball, but denser and more practical to carry anywhere. Massage at home, at the gym, crossfit, at work, yoga, or on your travels.


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