Essential Travel Covid-19 Care Kit


Can't find Lysol Spray? Try our 70% Alcohol Spray Bottle! 

Do your hands dry out after using Pure Alcohol Hand Sanitizers? Try our Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Soothing Gel that provides a refreshing relief for irritated skin! 


**These 4 oz. hand-sanitzer and alcohol bottles meet federal regulations for air travel.**


The Essential Travel Covid-19 Care Kit Includes:

- 1 Reusable Face Mask (black, grey, or dark red),

- 1 4 oz. Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & 100% Isopropyl Alcohol,

- 1 4 oz. 70% Alcohol Spray,

- 1 Tissue Pack

- 1 6x8 Soft Carrying Microfiber Bag


In stock NOW! Assembled in the USA.