Complete Covid-19 Care Kit

Complete Covid-19 Care Kit


Whether you're looking for an all-in-one handy care kit that has all the essential items you need to keep you more protective from germs and viruses anywhere you go, or looking for a corporate care kit to keep your employees protective and safer, our care kit is an ideal go-to bag.  Promote your company with a custom printed logo on face masks and carrying bag. These kits include 19 COVID-19 essentials for only $19! Choose your mask color: dark red, gary, or black.  If order is not specified, black will be fulfilled as the standard mask color.


With the kit you will get: 

- 10 Face Mask Filters

- 1 Reusable Face Mask (black, grey, or dark red)

- 1 Disposable Mask

- 1  4 oz. Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & 100% Isopropyl Alcohol 

- 1 4 oz. 70% Alcohol Spray,

- 1 Tissue Pack,

- 1 TPT Hot & Cold Gel Pak,

- 1 Pair of Face Mask Ear Cushions

- 1 oz. Daily Moisturizer

- 1 6x8 Soft Carrying Microfiber Bag 


In stock NOW! Assembled in the USA.

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